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Cleansing Soap (10g)

removable foundation makeup, dirt, 
old waste Clear skin unnecessary dirt,
good cleaning power of cleansing soap.
Rich in moisturizing ingredients dense and resilient bubble, necessary to retain moisture.

Beauty Soap (10g)

gently remove the burden of skin,
and can recuperate hypoallergenic cleansing soap skin texture.
Add sensitive skin can feel at ease using the cleaning ingredients,
contains 16 kinds of excellent moisturizing ingredients shea butter, honey.

Moisturizing Repair Essence Cream (0.5g)

Focuses on increasing adult skin troubles,
Conditioning the skin to achieve healthy skin state of New real sense of beauty fluid.The skin can become energy minerals, amino acids,
Xylitol valuable polyphenols and the like contained in birchsap,
Good moisturizing Manuka honey,There are grape polyphenols and jojoba seed oil,

Iris root extract and other cosmetic ingredients added into the luxury.
Enhance their vitality and muscle to achieve full of vitality moist skin.

Wash powder(0.5g×2bag)

As if the baby muscles through bright Xi skin.
Oh can use every day
Easy to have a smooth eggshell muscle!
Accumulation of sebum and dirt hidden deep pores and other horny, clean yo!


Achieve perfect tight elastic soft transparent white
sparkling softUse real sense of moisture and Aqua,
instantly penetrate the skin to lock profit.
Satisfy thirst water to enhance skin moisture and plump youthful dew.
Ling texture of skin (anti-age lifu (Aging Care)) recommend to you.
Add the precious ingredients, on behalf of his best luxurious beauty fluid.

Frozen Age Cream(2mL)

"Saccharification" for one of the causes of skin aging,
Watch thorough skin problems. Repel sallow skin, the skin up to a brighter level.
Long high wettability, run and play the compact clear transparency, with a youthful skin.

Body soap(10g)

Have not added hydrolyzed wheat protein, please feel at ease to use.
It would sweat of people, it can also remove the odor?
Whether sweat, body odor, old man smell, odor, smoke aftertaste can be eliminated.
Contains high quality ingredients adsorption to remove grease outside,
Likely to have the smell of sweat and summer body has stickiness can be completely removed.



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