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W cleansing soap set (110g)

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W cleansing soap special set

Price NT$ 2200

Be a beautiful lady.

Cleansing Soap (110g)

removable foundation makeup, dirt,
old waste Clear skin unnecessary dirt,
good cleaning power of cleansing soap.
Rich in moisturizing ingredients dense
and resilient bubble, necessary to retain moisture.

Beauty Soap (110g)

gently remove the burden of skin,
and can recuperate hypoallergenic
cleansing soap skin texture.
Add sensitive skin can feel at ease
using the cleaning ingredients, contains 16 kinds of
excellent moisturizing ingredients shea butter, honey.

Essential shower-moisturizer (30ml)

Vivo affinity water easily permeates the skin to the substrate,
adding water seal in moisture. So that the skin remain supple after wash.

Moisturizing Repair Essence Cream (4g)

Focuses on increasing adult skin troubles,
Conditioning the skin to achieve healthy skin state of New real sense of beauty fluid.
The skin can become energy minerals, amino acids,
Xylitol valuable polyphenols and the like contained in birch sap,
Good moisturizing Manuka honey,There are grape polyphenols and jojoba seed oil,
Iris root extract and other cosmetic ingredients added into the luxury.
Enhance their vitality and muscle to achieve full of vitality moist skin.
No added Old specified ingredients, no fragrance, no coloring, no mineral oil.

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