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excellent cleaning handmade soap set

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Price NT$ 1660

excellent cleaning handmade soap(30g)

Cleansing and moisturizing power coexist ideal cleansing soap to
clear skin unnecessarily dirty, clean power of good cleansing soap.
Rich in moisturizing ingredients dense and resilient bubble,
necessary to retain moisture, remove makeup and old waste.

excellent beauty handmade soap(30g)

To gently remove the burden of skin, skin conditioning and
can hypoallergenic cleansing soap.
Add sensitive skin can feel at ease using the cleaning ingredients,
it contains 16 kinds of excellent moisturizing ingredients avocado oil,
honey, hyaluronic acid and so on. Sufficiently cleaned, while assuring
its moisturizing and conditioning the skin.


Foaming Net

Exclusive cotton foaming net, easy to play a rich 
and dense foam! The most important thing to wash your 
face is the quality of the bubble!
Especially with cleansing soap to wash your face, 
if you do not play a delicate bubble, the face washing 
effect will be greatly reduced!

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